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Traveling Block Controller

Model 4800

Computer Controlled Crown and Floor Protection

Incorporating “Soft Stop” , “Intelligent Crownamatic”
and Advanced Kinetic Energy Monitoring and Control
a FIRMS® modular component

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Traveling Block Controller (KEMS) Display
Traveling Block Controller Display
  • MODULAR CONSTRUCTION Quick, simple, installation
  • BLOCK SPEED CONTROL Keeps block velocity versus position within safe operating parameters
  • PATENTED DESIGN U.S. Patent# 5,342,020
Crown Protection
Derrick designs generally incorporate extra space at the crown area to allow for safer operation of the traveling block in an area that is hard for the driller to see, and also to allow for potential traveling block overrun of the upper mechanical stop caused by high block ascending speeds near the crown. Fitting portable top-drives to rigs reduces this extra space increasing the possibility of the traveling block impacting the crown. By installing the Traveling Block Controller, safe and accurate operation of the traveling block is maintained to the maximum upper block travel limit. The Traveling Block Controller eliminates the problem of overrunning the top stop by monitoring and controlling the blocks ascending velocity when the traveling block is being operated near the crown. This allows the traveling block’s upper travel limit to be safely moved closer to the crown, eliminating the necessity of adding extra derrick height.

Floor Protection
Protecting the floor has always been difficult because block speed must be continually monitored and controlled to prevent the drawworks brakes from being overrun. Because the Traveling Block Controller is an intelligent kinetic energy monitoring system (kems) with an added "Soft Stop" feature, it ensures that the safe and accurate operation of the traveling block is maintained all the way to lower block travel limit. When the traveling block is descending, the TBC monitors the block’s position and speed against the hook load, if the downward speed is greater than the preset drawworks brake capacity parameters, the magnetic brake is activated slowing the blocks descending velocity. When the traveling block reaches the absolute lower limit, the drawworks mechanical brake is set.

System Operation
The TBC continually monitors block position, velocity and hook weight. If the traveling block’s UPWARD velocity versus distance from the upper limit is too high, the TBC reduces the block’s speed by reducing the signal to the driller’s foot throttle control. When the block has slowed to the desired speed, the signal to the foot throttle is returned. If the traveling block’s DOWNWARD speed versus position from the lower limit is too high, the TBC reduces the block’s speed by energizing the magnetic brake. The TBC also calculates the stopped position of the block if the mechanical brake were to be set. If this stopped position reaches the low travel limit, the TBC sets the mechanical brake. If the traveling block reaches its upper or lower travel limit, the TBC sets the drawworks brake, stopping the traveling block. By providing a controlled slowing, or “Soft Stop”, of the traveling block as it approaches it’s upper or lower travel limit, the problem of overrunning the top or bottom stop is eliminated. Also eliminated are the potential hazards normally associated with suddenly stopping a fast ascending, lightly loaded, traveling block.

Power: Nominal: 115/230VAC 50/60Hz 135 to370VDC Brownout: 95 to 264VAC, 47 to 400HZ
Operating Temperature: -40°to+185°F(-40°to +85°C)

Innovative Electronics - Drilling Instrumentation

The TBC system meets HSE, DNV & NPD safety and construction requirements for installation on land or offshore rigs. The TBC system does not require a purge system. The TBC can interface with the Innovative Electronics FIRMS® (Fully Integrated Rig Management System), the crown TV system, rig computer systems, logging computer systems, and can be programmed to provide anti-collision capability for the RBS, automatic pipe racker, or Iron Roughneck. An auto-drilling option is also available. The TBC can be supplied in various configurations depending on requirements. Systems are available with or without cables and/or junction boxes, for permanent installation or for moving from site to site. These components can be combined with other Innovative Electronics packages for complete consoles containing both hydraulic and electronic gauges and instruments.

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