I-DRILL Model 9300

Digital Mud Inventory and Circulation Monitor

a FIRMSŪ modular component

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I-Drill Display Console
MODEL 9300
Displays real time information of drilling and mud parameters on the derrick floor allowing for better control of rig operations.
  • SINGLE ENCLOSURE - Mud Flow-Fill, Mud Volume and SPM
  • BACK-LIT LCD DISPLAYS Large, analog and digital displays
  • EXPANDABLE Easily expandable to collect additional rig information including RPM, PSI, Rotary Torque, etc.
  • MODULAR Combine with our Intelligent J-Boxes, Gateways, IC Work Stations and other modules for complete rig monitoring and control
The I-Drill's large LCD digital display are back-lit and clearly viewable in all lighting conditions. The LCD indicators display the following variables: total mud volume for up to 12 pits, individual volume of any one tank, 1 of 2 or both trip tanks, mud volume gain/loss, mud flow rate, pump stroke rates for up to three pumps, two assignable total stroke displays and total stroke rate for up to three pumps. For tripping, there is a mud returns indicator. In addition, there is one operator assignable display. The operator asignable display has its own HIGH and LOW programmable set points. There are four programmable HIGH/LOW alarm bargraphs. These bargraphs are associated with individual tank volume, total active tank volume, volume gain/loss, return flow and the assignable option display. When these alarms are exceeded, the alarming bargraph and the associated display flash and the audio alarm is activated. Internal alarm relays are available to activate remote alarm horns and lamps. The unit has two operational modes, of operation, SETUP and OPERATE, both accessible from the face mounted keypad. The SETUP mode is protected by a password and is used to assign input channels, set input offsets and spans, assign analog output channels and do other system setup tasks. OPERATE is the normal operational mode used by the operator. In this mode the system collects and displays data. In the operate mode the operator can set time and date, activate and deactivate items, program high and low alarms, change display values, zero displays, turn back lighting on and off, and select trip in, trip out and drill modes. The basic unit comes complete with 10 Analog voltage and 16 digital inputs. It can be expanded internally to a total of 19 analog voltage or current inputs. It is designed to be bulkhead mounted. Optional panel mounting hardware available. The I-Drill includes three serial communication ports, One RS232 and two RS 485. These ports can be used for communication with remote computer systems. Options include an interface board to allow current inputs, a six channel analog output module each channel of which can be programmed as variable voltage (0 to 10VDC or variable current up to 20ma) out, a 9 channel analog/current input expander module and intrinsically safe barriers for all channels.

Dimensions: 24.5"W x 20.5"H x 6.5"D (62,2 x 52,0 x 16,5 cm)
Power: Nominal: 115/230VAC 50/60Hz 135 to 370VDC Brownout: 95 to 264VAC, 47 to 400HZ
Weight: Approx. 35 lbs. (15.8kg)
Operating Temperature: -40°to+185°F(-40°to +85°C)

The I-Drill can interface with the Innovative Electronics FIRMSŪ (Fully Integrated Rig Managment System), rig computer systems, logging computer systems. The I-Drill can be supplied in various configurations depending on requirements. Systems are available with or without cables and/or junction boxes, for permanent installation or for moving from site to site. These components can be combined with other Innovative Electronics packages for complete consoles containing both hydraulic and electronic gauges and instruments.

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